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Pokémon-Like Yo-kai Watch Comes to America This Fall


Pokémon-Like Yo-kai Watch Comes to America This Fall

What time is it? Let me check my Yo-Kai Watch.

In Japan, Yo-kai Watch is a massively popular game that spun off into other media with equal success. The 3DS games are consistent top sellers in Japan, and the anime series and manga are currently ongoing. On Nov. 6, the series will come to 3DS in America for the first time.

In Yo-Kai Watch, players use the titular watch to discover and befriend Yo-kai spirits that are usually invisible to most people. You use these spirits to battle against other Yo-kai and help people in the town solve their problems. Anyone familiar with Pokémon should find the game familiar but unique as each Yo-kai has a distinct personality and spoken dialogue.

In addition to the game, the Yo-Kai Watch anime and manga are coming to North America for the first time. The anime will air on Disney XD, and the bi-monthly manga will be translated and released by Viz Media starting Nov. 3. Finally, Hasbro will start selling Yo-Kai Watch toys next January.

Nintendo and Level-5 are positioning Yo-Kai Watch to be a huge multimedia sensation in America like it has been in Japan. Check out the release trailer and let us know if you’re looking forward to the game.

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