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New Year Two Destiny: The Taken King Teaser Shows Off Exotic Blueprints & Faction Changes


New Year Two Destiny: The Taken King Teaser Shows Off Exotic Blueprints & Faction Changes

Exotic blueprints, legendary marks, faction changes and more.

A new teaser for Destiny: The Taken King was released out into the wild today and in it we finally get to take a closer look at some of the quality of life improvements and refinements promised by Bungie for Year Two.

What stood out to us is the new Exotic Weapon Blueprint page which is a way to see at a glance all of the Exotic Weapons you have collected organized by weapon type and which year it came out in. Bungie has recently mentioned ways to reduce the toll on Vault space by letting you store weapons at kiosks or vendors. Perhaps this is a new way to store your exotic weapons as well?

Also shown is the previously mentioned but now visualized new Legendary Marks and changes to Light Level. These new marks will replace the old Vanguard and Crucible marks. This allows players to spend their marks at any vendor they want regardless of whether they spend more time doing cooperative or competitive activities. We can also now see exactly how the new Light level will look. In the photo below the level cap is shown off at 40 but the light level, now a statistic made up of your attack and defense score, is at 214. Light level will be a way to gauge how strong your characters are, and whether they are ready to take on certain events.

Factions are also getting changed when The Taken King launches. Guardians no longer have to wear faction class items to gain reputation. Now you’ll be able to pledge allegiance for 2500 glimmer. The catch is once you do that, you can’t switch it out until the next week, making your choice of faction more important than it was in Year One.

A careful eye will notice some smaller details too, likely to be mentioned during the various Twitch streams planned for the coming weeks. The first stream will begin tomorrow Aug. 19 at 11AM PST. Fans will be looking for more information on new features such as Artifact Slots, ghost skins and new weapons and armors. Be sure to check out the stream tomorrow on Bungie’s official channel or check back here at Twinfinite for the latest on Destiny: The Taken King.


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