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Destiny’s Xur Takes over Bungie and Teases New Exotics


Destiny’s Xur Takes over Bungie and Teases New Exotics

The future is beautiful.

Yesterday Xur, Agent of Nine, revealed that he’d have something special to share with players today on Destiny‘s Instagram account. Today he has kept good on his word by revealing a slick new Exotic Helmet for the Titan class.


The helmet provides some much needed stability for those Titans who like to shoot while in midair. It will also assist those players looking to charge up their melee abilities.

But that wasn’t all. Xur also revealed The Chaperone. A fancy looking shotgun that fires a slug rounds, increases a players agility, and receives improved stats with successful precision kills. If the look and description is anything to go by, this is going to be a weapon worth having.

Screenshot (74)

The day isn’t over so there is a strong chance that more will be unveiled. Xur is a man of many mysteries, so his rare opportunity of openness from him will prove to be interesting.

Like the look of Destiny‘s new exotics? Looking forward to obtaining them for yourself? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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