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Xur Selling the Gjallarhorn in Destiny Levels the Playing Field


Xur Selling the Gjallarhorn in Destiny Levels the Playing Field

Gjallarhorns sold here! Line up and get your Gjallarhorn!

In a rather stunning turn of events in the Destiny universe, Xur is selling the Gjallarhorn this weekend. This may not seem like a big deal if you’re just getting into the game, but those who have been playing since day one know that it’s been nearly a year since this highly coveted exotic was available for purchase.

Why is everyone so excited about the Gjallarhorn? Well, for starters, it is the most powerful exotic out right now. Known for being able to take down Destiny‘s toughest bosses, many players began to look at possession of this bad boy as entry into an exclusive club of guardians. In fact, some groups began excluding players simply because they didn’t have this highly coveted weapon.

It has gotten so bad that once Destiny: The Taken King launches next month, there will be a new patch that will nerf the Gjallarhorn as well as a few other “trouble” weapons. This split the players on how Bungie was approaching the weapon and its power. Some felt that nerfing it is a great idea that will eliminate the exclusive actions of certain groups. Others felt that it was a band-aid for a different issue altogether that would only prove to be a temporary fix.

But, one thing both sides could agree on was the fact that the Gjallarhorn is a force to be reckoned with, and players’ reliance on it was predictable for good reason. One major issue was the completely random nature of obtaining a Gjallarhorn. Our Managing Editor, Ed McGlone, obtained one on his very first raid run back around when Destiny was first released. I, on the other hand, didn’t obtain one until well after the The Dark Below was released as a reward for a weekly Nightfall strike.

This added to the exclusivity problems borne out of necessity for many. Excluding people for not having a specific piece of gear that will greatly help makes sense, but when that specific piece of gear is nearly impossible to obtain for a vast majority of Destiny players, then problems arise. Having Xur actually sell the weapon helps to nip the problem at one of its roots.

While nerfing the weapon would help in some way to make players consider other heavy weapons in Destiny, unless the nerf is drastic (which they’ve stated it isn’t), the Gjallarhorn would still remain a primary go-to for when things get rough. Now that everyone has the opportunity to have one, there is an even playing field.

Of course, there will be those who cry foul, saying it loses its “special” factor since just anyone can purchase it, but that isn’t entirely true. For starters, you still have to be level 20 to use one, so new players won’t suddenly have a powerful head start. Then you have to remember that you can only purchase one using Strange Coins. These are rewarded randomly or by completing the Weekly Heroic Strike on higher difficulties.

There is still a challenge in obtaining one, as there should be, but randomness after very hard work should never be considered a fair challenge. Players who put in the time and work to earn the funds necessary to purchase one of Destiny‘s most powerful weapons should have the opportunity to purchase one, even if that opportunity is as rare as this one is.

Also, everyone should get the chance to experience the Gjallarhorn in all of its glory before that next Destiny weapon nerf hits when The Taken King drops. It is pretty magical feeling to watch Atheon waste away as he is bombarded with Wolfpack Rounds from six different Gally’s all going at once. Also, who knows? We may get a weapon that trumps the Gjallarhorn in the coming month with Destiny‘s next expansion.

So how do you feel about the sale? Happy that you finally have a better chance to get one? Appreciative that RNGesus smiled down on you months ago? Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

And, as always, safe travels guardians.

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