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Xbox Live Is Still down for the 360, Gamers Call for Refund


Xbox Live Is Still down for the 360, Gamers Call for Refund

How are we supposed to play Halo like this!?

Given the huge number of gamers who use online services like PSN and Xbox Live, it’s understandable that every so often these services will go offline for a short time due to a bug or for maintenance. However, Xbox 360 gamers have been without Xbox Live for several days and are beginning to wonder why they pay for a service that appears to have stopped working.

The first reports that Xbox Live was down for Xbox 360 gamers came in on August 18 and the service is still down. Checking the status page for the service will show that Xbox Live Core Services are “limited.”

On August 19, Microsoft released a message that claimed the service was now fixed, though this isn’t the case. The message read:

“Hey Xbox users, have you been having trouble signing in to Xbox Live on Xbox 360? If so, we want you to know we believe the issue is resolved, and you should be able to begin signing in right away. Thanks for your patience, Xbox members.”

Many Xbox 360 gamers are beginning to grow tired and are asking that Microsoft offer a refund. It seems unfair for them to charge for a service that isn’t working properly. No doubt Microsoft will fix this issue soon and hopefully they’ll add a few days of free Xbox Live to compensate their customers.

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