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Why It’s Ok to Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Destiny Legendaries


Why It’s Ok to Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Destiny Legendaries

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Remember how when the House of Wolves DLC released for Destiny and players were able to ascend their weapons and gear to the Year One max? This clued players into the fact that the second year (which begins with The Taken King) will bring even greater stats and higher damage. Immediately fans considered the prospect of having a Fatebringer doing nearly 400 damage, or running with their stylish Hive inspired armor from Destiny’s  The Dark Below DLC. As it turns out though, this will not be an option if those players plan on increasing their offensive capabilities.

One of the things about Destiny has been that many guardians have already chosen their favorite weapons. Hard to obtain munitions such as the aforementioned Fatebringer, the Black Hammer, and the Hunger of Crota are dangerous tools of destruction that give players no real reason to switch over. This is not a bad thing of course, you’ve worked hard for these weapons so you may as well use them in Destiny to your heart’s content. Being eventually forced to leave behind these items that helped you to build your legend is a difficult task, and, for some, unwanted.

But, Bungie is preparing to deliver a bunch of new content with their The Taken King expansion, and part of that content includes an entirely new arsenal. When creating this content, the developers were aware that many individuals had grown comfortable with what they already have, creating a situation where it was becoming increasingly difficult to incentivize them into trying new things. In one way this was a good thing, it showed that Bungie had created some really stellar tools of the trade when designing Destiny. But, on the other hand, there was a chance that many wouldn’t give newer gadgets a fair chance.

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This is a pretty bold move for Bungie, even if it is something that is fairly common among RPGs and MMOs. This week Bungie also announced the revamping of the game’s leveling system which looks to improve the player experience by respecting all aspects of gameplay, not just the treasure hunt. But, stopping the growth of older weapons in favor of newer ones is something a bit more sensitive. Just last month Bungie announced their next round of weapon nerfs and the fan base was divided on whether this was definitely a good thing, or just a temporary fix for the game’s bigger problems. So leaving weapons behind is sure going to be a difficult transition.

The thing is, it is a very necessary transition. Bungie has stated many times before that they want Destiny to grow and expand. Sometimes that means moving on from elements that were present on day one in order to renew an experience and keep the gameplay just as engaging for veteran guardians as it is for newcomers. The new weapons that have been shown off look to be interesting, and add some much needed variation to the currently available arsenal. New mechanics and new experiences are scary things, but with the strides that the team behind Destiny has taken in recent months, a modicum of trust is in order.

Destiny is a very different game today than it was last September. With balances, content, gear and other tweaks, it is slowly approaching a form more fitting of the experience that talented folks behind its world want to deliver. The new level cap and way of dealing with legendary weapons brings the game in line with more familiar MMOs and RPGs, two genres Destiny borrows heavily from. Although these risks being taken, and moves being made may seem a bit off-putting at first, they should be embraced as they lead to a better tomorrow for DestinyThe Taken King is the first expansion to attempt to fix many of Destiny’s deeper issues. Let’s give it a chance as we journey deeper into the darkness.

Are you ready to destroy aliens with some shiny new weaponry? A little upset at having to leave some of your favorite weapons behind? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. And, as always, safe travels guardians.

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