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Trion Worlds Reveals New Fast-Paced Multiplayer Title


Trion Worlds Reveals New Fast-Paced Multiplayer Title

Think you’ll be able to keep up?

The developer Trion Worlds has revealed that they’re working on a brand new multiplayer game called Atlas Reactor, which according to the game’s website is a “turn-based multiplayer without the waiting around.”

By making it so that players will be fighting each other during simultaneous turns, players will only have a couple of seconds to make their move. According to the developers in their first developer diary,which you can check out below, this adds an element of rock, paper, scissors to combat as players will always be thinking two steps ahead of their opponents, while also planning their own upcoming moves.

So far, Trion Worlds has revealed six of it’s playable characters such Pup the prototype dog and Lockwood the Scoundrel. Each character also has five unique moves such as Pup’s Walk move which drags enemies around. The Atlas Reactor site also shows that there are two characters yet to be announced.

Anyone interested in Atlas Reactor can also sign up to take part in the games alpha over on the game’s website, although they haven’t revealed when the alpha will take place yet.

Atlas Reactor will be Trion Worlds’ first game outside the MMORPG and MMORTS genres as before this, they had worked on games such as Rift, Defiance and End of Nations.

So what do you think of Trion Worlds’ new multiplayer game? Let us know in the comments below.

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