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The Xbox Elite Controller Is Elite in Every Sense of the Word


The Xbox Elite Controller Is Elite in Every Sense of the Word

Ultimate control.

Back at E3 2015, Microsoft revealed their latest peripheral, the Xbox One Elite Controller. Here was a piece of hardware that put player control at the forefront experience. And this is not just in the sense of better thumb sticks, and more battery. No, Microsoft went the extra mile by giving players complete control over how their controller works.

At E3, we got some hands-on time with the controller during our Forza 6 demo. This time, we got to mess around with the complete package and get a feel for how the changing of components works. After getting to take everything apart and put it all back together again, it’s safe to say that this is certainly a quality product.

xbox elite

The full package comes with an Xbox Elite Controller base unit, a charging cable, three sets of thumbsticks, two d-pads, and a full set of back paddles (for pieces), as well as a nifty travelling case. Switching the different components on the Xbox Elite controller is as simple as lining up magnets between rubber nubs on the base controller, and the stainless steel attachments of the switchable pieces.

In just a matter of seconds, you can swap between any number of pieces, mixing and matching to get your setup as comfortable as you desire. This alone makes the Xbox Elite controller worth the fuss, but then there is the companion app that really sets in stone Microsoft’s commitment to providing the best controller on the market.

At launch, the Xbox Elite Controller will have an application that will allow users to fine tune the inputs on their controller. You will even be able to save over 200 different controller profiles in the cloud, and two of those profiles can be saved directly onto the Xbox Elite Controller.

xbox elite

This means you can have a different profile for each game in your library if you so choose. Want a more sensitive Right Trigger for shooters? Maybe you feel that your breaks are a little too hard in Forza 6? Use the app to adjust each and every button on your controller, as well as assign functions to the optional paddles on the back of the unit.

This peripheral is elite in every sense of the word. Complete control of the player experience through both physical components and a companion app. After a bit of a rough patch, Microsoft is firing on all cylinders, and with a great lineup in store for the near future, the Xbox One Elite Controller is the perfect device to experience them all with.

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