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The Transformers are Coming to Splatoon (No, Seriously)


The Transformers are Coming to Splatoon (No, Seriously)

No, seriously. This is happening.

There have been some interesting crossovers over the years. Mortal Kombat and DC Comics, Star Wars and Soul Calibur, Mario and John Leguizamo. But this has to be up there for the weirdest one. Who would’ve ever called Transformers coming to Splatoon?

Yeah, you read that right. Straight from Nintendo themselves, next weekend, the Robots in Disguise will be part of the kid/squid revolution for a full day:

Okay well, it’ll be mostly cosmetic stuff clothes and maybe some weapons, which is a bit of a shame. How awesome would it be to turn into an inked up Optimus Prime in Splatoon? That’d be pretty sweet, right? Maybe they’ll do a version of the classic Transformers theme. Come to think of it, what do we call this crossover? Splatformers? Inkbots in Disguise? Transform and splat out?

Let us know where you fall on the Decepticon/Autobot war in the comments below. Also, help us come up with a name for this. We need to pin this down ASAP.



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