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The Top 5 Rare Replay Games You Should Play First


The Top 5 Rare Replay Games You Should Play First

Five classics among classics.

 Blast Corps

rare replay

Blast Corps is a perfect example of simplicity at its absolute finest. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to clear the way for a runaway nuclear train. Clearing obstacles, exploding objects, and tearing down buildings is what this game is all about, and it works so darn well. When it first released on the Nintendo 64 back in ’97, it proved to be a surprise hit. Rare had done it again, and this time it was in a completely unexpected way. The simple act of driving around, and switching between vehicles found in the wild so you can alter your plan of attack was neat and very fun. It’s one of those games that is a testament to Rare’s ability to create fun out of almost anything.

When Rare Replay was announced during the Xbox conference at E3 2015, fans of this often forgotten gem delighted at the chance to once more make way for that poor runaway train. The only question left to be answered is: does anyone remember where that awesome mech suit can be found?

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