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The Top 3 Highlights From the Destiny Dreadnaught Strike Twitch Stream


The Top 3 Highlights From the Destiny Dreadnaught Strike Twitch Stream

A deadly strike awaits.

Destiny’s Shield Brothers Strike

After a bit of a connection snafu, the Destiny Dreadnaught Strike stream was back online. Once it was back on, fans in attendance and watching via Twitch stream were treated to the introduction of The Taken King‘s new strike.

The Shield Brothers strike sends players into the heart of the Dreadnaught, where they must infiltrate a Cabal attack ship in order to take out its two commanders. Things are mixed up this time around by offering varied encounters every time you enter this Destiny strike mission. Large numbers of enemies, brand new threats, and new Taken enemies that are absolutely frightening will all test a player skill.

Another great addition is that bosses aren’t just re-skinned versions of enemies you’ve already encountered. The two Cabal commanders you face in Shield Brothers are truly unique. The battle features new weapon types to avoid, such as a lightning mortar, and much quicker encounters. Battles are about skill not bullet sponges. Having to fight them one at a time, and then together, adds some interesting dynamics to the boss fight, showing that The Taken King has definitely picked up a few new tricks.

It is a much more flowing strike than those players may be used to. The team wanted to provide less static experiences with the strike activities, and so much more movement and variety is thrown into gameplay. Also, bosses in the strike will have unique drops that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, adding an extra reward level that was sorely needed in Destiny.

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