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ESRB Spills the Beans: The Talos Principle is Coming to the Xbox One


ESRB Spills the Beans: The Talos Principle is Coming to the Xbox One

Can we have Master Chief as Elohim now?

Formerly exclusive to the PlayStation 4, The Talos Principle looks to head to another console soon as well. Originally noted solely as a Deluxe Edition PlayStation 4 port coming this fall, an Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) notes iOS, Macintosh, WIndows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as the platforms listed. It’s a rather expected inclusion to toss in the other big console player, for a third-party studio like Croteam is likely to choose a multi-platform release despite its publisher Devolver Digital’s frequent time slots at Sony’s E3 press conferences.

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Recently, the expansion to The Talos Principle called Road to Gehenna released on Steam (to much surprise, it reviewed well). The upcoming console ports of The Talos Principle will likely slap on the $15 expansion once Fall rolls by. Knowing the hectic fall schedule, what would Croteam add to counter the new-game clutter? Let us know below!

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