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The New Nintendo 3DS Comes to America Next Month


The New Nintendo 3DS Comes to America Next Month

Finally, a 3DS for those of us with tiny hands.

Earlier this year, Nintendo launched the New Nintendo 3DS XL in North America. While the system was praised for its numerous improvements to controls and 3D technology, Nintendo was questioned as to why the smaller New Nintendo 3DS was not made available in North America.

Nintendo has responded to the fan requests and confirmed the New Nintendo 3DS for release on Sept. 25. Currently, the only catch is that it’s only available as a bundle with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.


According to Business Wire, Nintendo announced this bundle at this year’s GameStop Managers Conference. The New Nintendo 3DS will be bundled with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designers, two cover plates, and one amiibo card. This bundle launches on Sept. 25 for $219.99.

This handheld has all the features of the New Nintendo 3DS XL including face-tracking 3D and support for amiibo figures. New Nintendo 3DS also has swappable faceplates, which was not supported in the larger XL model. There are already numerous faceplates available for the New Nintendo 3DS in Japan and Europe which are likely to come to America in the future.

Will you switch your New Nintendo 3DS XL for the smaller, more customizable version when it is released? Is there a certain faceplate you cannot wait to get? Let us know in the comments.

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