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8 Mortal Kombat Movie Fight Scenes That Still Hold Up 20 Years Later


8 Mortal Kombat Movie Fight Scenes That Still Hold Up 20 Years Later

Test your might…

In 1995, New Line Cinema released a movie based on the klassic arcade fighter Mortal Kombat. It’s generally regarded as one of the most successful video game movies. Critically, not so much, but if you’re in the right mood for some dumb fun, it’s still a pretty good film in its own right.

Today is the film’s 20th anniversary, and we thought it best to look back on the film with its greatest (read: cheesy as hell) moments.

Like when Scorpion showed off his freaky hand puppet to Johnny Cage.

How about Liu Kang vs. Sub-Zero? (Sub Zero totally would’ve won if Kitana didn’t cheat.)

Can’t forget Kang using his classic move on Reptile.

Yes, Kang vs. Shang Tsung is stupid. And yet…

Nope, still cheesy. Not even Mortal Kombat was safe from the 90s.

Sonya and Kano tho…still beefing after all these years. Side note: ow.

And of course, who can forget Johnny pulling a dick move on good ol’ Goro?

Still, that theme song was pretty dope.

What were your favorite moments from the Mortal Kombat movie? Let us know in the comments below. Maybe you should watch the movie today to see how it stacks up.

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