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Terraria Has Gotten 2,827 Items in Update Content, Mod Support Coming and No Terraria 2 For Now


Terraria Has Gotten 2,827 Items in Update Content, Mod Support Coming and No Terraria 2 For Now

That is a lot of items!

CEO and Lead Developer at Re-Logic, Andrew “Redigit” Spinks, has opened up on the future of Terraria after his departure from the studio and what the studio has planned to do with Terraria.

Spinks discussed the size of Terraria now, and compares it to when it was first released by stating how many items and creatures were added to the game since then.

“Since the release of 1.0 we have added 2,827 items, 490 creatures, and loads of new content/features/mechanics.” Spinks told PC Gamer “We have made a lot of improvements to the engine and added a lot of new backgrounds and world gen variations. It is crazy how far this game has come since release. It feels like a completely different game now.”

He answered why they didn’t just release paid DLCs or expansions for the game, instead opting to roll out updates that are free. Spinks explains that this is the right thing to do to pay back Terraria’s community and fans.

“Making Terraria was always about making a game that I wanted to play. Every time I would think we were done we always found new inspiration to come back and add to the game. Our community has been really good to us and we felt the need to return the favor.” Spinks continued “As a gamer I have never really been a fan of paid DLC.”

Although there will be no more huge updates like the recent 1.3, there will be minor updates to tweak out the game and iron out bugs here and there. The main focus now is to add mod support to “keep the game alive.”

“Terraria will continue to be updated and be expanded upon. Before we finish we would like to look into mod support as well as creative mode. We have always felt that Mod Support would be the best final update to Terraria so that the community could keep the game alive.”

Spinks erased any rumors or speculation about a Terraria 2 in the works by saying that he is willing to start a new project now that is not related to the game, but he will eventually come around to make Terraria 2. He also mentioned minor details about his new project.

“Now that Terraria is done I would like to start working on a new project that is not Terraria 2. I already have a lot of plans and ideas for Terraria 2, but that will be much later.” Spinks said. “I want to make a game that is very modular, that includes mod support, and makes it very easy for players to add their own content.”

Of course, we can’t deny Terraria has seen phenomenal success, and it’s available on almost on every modern gaming device and console there is. We will just wait and see where will this game go.

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