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Super Mario Maker’s ‘The Build’ Trailer Brings Custom Levels to Life


Super Mario Maker’s ‘The Build’ Trailer Brings Custom Levels to Life

What will you build?

Super Mario Maker has been steadily gaining momentum since it took center stage at the Nintendo World Championships at E3 2015, truly showing off its potential. With the Sept. 11 release date rapidly closing in, Nintendo has got a brand new commercial to share with the world to showcase the ease and excitement of building your own Super Mario level.

In it we see such atrocities as a Chain Chomp-on-Fire Cannon-on-Blooper-on-Goomba tower of terror, half a dozen Boos stuffed into a single question mark block, and a trio of Bowsers all in a row – one in the Koopa Clown Car, one with a Chain Chomp attacking from his back, and another still with a piranha plant chomping from his shell. Scary stuff.

Check out the trailer above, then work on deciding which of the three bundles you plan to purchase. Take note that the Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle (which includes the game, Idea Book, and the 30th Anniversary Mario Modern Color amiibo) will be exclusive to Walmart and, and will cost you a cool $299.96.

Tapping the 8-bit Mario amiibo (classic or modern colors – they both launch alongside the game on Sept. 11) to the Wii U GamePad will grant you a Big Mushroom power-up when playing Super Mario Maker, while almost every other amiibo, current or upcoming, will also unlock a special 8-bit skin of that character in-game. Check here for the full list of compatible amiibo.

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