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Summer Games Done Quick 2015 Passes $1M Donation Mark with 2 Runs Still to Go


Summer Games Done Quick 2015 Passes $1M Donation Mark with 2 Runs Still to Go

How much can we raise?

Games Done Quick comes around twice a year, bringing together the spectacle of speedrunning and community charity. The multi-day event features live-streamed speedruns of dozens of titles, performed by volunteers who have mastered the art of finishing games in mind-boggling times.

Donations collected through the course of the event go towards a featured cause, and are often spurred by sporadic bid wars that let donators fight over Pokemon nicknames, the fate of NPCs, and even what Disney song the audience will sing.

This year, Summer Games Done Quick has already passed $1 million in donations, reaching the coveted milestone during the Super Mario 64 120 star race. Still to come are speedruns of Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger, and with the donation count currently standing at $1,011,801, we’re sure to see a hefty sum raised for this year’s cause.

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This year’s donations will go to Doctors Without Borders, “an international medical humanitarian organization providing aid in nearly 70 countries to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, exclusion from health care, natural disasters, or malnutrition.”

This past January’s Awesome Games Done Quick reached $1.5M in donations, all going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Stay tuned to see if SGDQ 2015 can do even better.

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