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Rainbow Mika Tags Into Street Fighter V


Rainbow Mika Tags Into Street Fighter V

This announcement came outta nowhere!

Today, Capcom revealed a Street Fighter V character that hasn’t been playable in the series since 1998. Professional wrestler Rainbow Mika is joining the game’s cast, and she’s bringing her tag team partner Nadeshiko into the ring with her.

R. Mika’s trailer shows off her pro wrestling mastery, as she decimates Vega with dropkicks, powerbombs, and her signature Shooting Peach attack where she launches butt-first at an opponent.

She even hits a Diamond Cutter and Stone Cold Stunner in the battle, so hopefully WWE’s legal department isn’t watching too closely.

On the PlayStation Blog, Peter Rosas gave details on how the Street Fighter V version of R. Mika differs from the Street Fighter Alpha 3 one. Her V-Skill is “Mic Performance”, where she takes out a microphone to deliver a speech to the audience. As is the case with all pro wrestling speeches, this move powers up her grapple attacks.

Her V-Trigger turns the two-person fighting game into a handicap match, as she is able to call in her tag partner Nadeshiko for assist attacks.

PAX Prime attendees will be able to try R. Mika for the first time this weekend. What character do you want to see in Street Fighter V next? Let us know in the comments.

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