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King of Fighters Dev Bought in Interest of New Games And TV Shows


King of Fighters Dev Bought in Interest of New Games And TV Shows

Can we have a new King of Fighters game? Please?

Japanese developer SNK Playmore are best known for developing The King of Fighters and Metal Slug franchises. However, they haven’t released any major updates to either series in a while. The last game in the main series of The King of Fighters released in 2010, and the last major Metal Slug title came out in 2008. SNK Playmore have shifted their focus into mobile gaming, ports, and pachinko machines in recent years.

It looks like SNK Playmore’s iconic characters could be revitalized after an acquisition by a Chinese company. Leyou Millenium is a joint venture by two companies who paid $63.5 million for the majority of SNK Playmore’s shares.

Dongfang Xinghui, the majority shareholder, has stated an interest in multimedia projects using SNK Playmore’s characters. He compared future ventures to the Marvel Universe, so characters The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury and Metal Slug may appear in new video games, movies, and television shows.

SNK Playmore hasn’t consistently released console or portable games for their core franchises for several years. If this deal means some of their franchises will be revitalized, what SNK Playmore game do you want to see return? Let us know in the comments.

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