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September PlayStation Plus Titles Revealed


September PlayStation Plus Titles Revealed

The results of the ‘Vote to Play’ campaign are in…

As we approach the end of another month, Sony reveal the next batch of games coming free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

September introduced the ‘Vote to Play’ campaign, giving players the ability to vote on a game to be included in the September free games offerings. The winner of this campaign was Grow Home on PlayStation 4. Grow Home is a game about a little fella called BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), who is travelling the stars in search of new flora to help his home planet. It doesn’t get much more child friendly than that right?! You’ll be tasked with climbing a massive plant that stretches from the planet’s surface all the way to his ship in space. D’awwwww!

If you voted for the other two candidates Armello or Zombie Kings, then it’s not all bad news. PlayStation Plus members will get a 30% discount on both games from September 1st through till September 15th.

Next up in the free offerings list is Super Time Force Ultra, a fast-paced action platformer that puts players in charge of rewinding time and creating “time clones” to clear our levels. Super Time Force Ultra is available on cross-buy on PlayStation 4 and Sony’s handheld. Rounding out the PlayStation Plus, PlayStation 4 offerings is Xeodrifter, a classic 2D platforming, shooting and exploration game, also available on PlayStation Vita.


Headlining the PlayStation 3 offerings is Twisted Metal, the infamous car combat game from Eat Sleep play. Focusing heavily on multiplayer combat, players will engage in some frantic 4 player split-screen or 16 player online battles to the death. Better get those driving gloves on!

Teslagrad hits both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, a 2D side- scrolling puzzle-platform game developed and published by Rain Games. Put in the role of a young orphaned boy, the player must uncover the history of a conflict between the dictatorial King and a sect of technological wizards.

La Mulana EX rounds out September’s PlayStation Plus offerings, bringing a riddle-filled adventure to challenge-hungry PlayStation Vita gamers.

All of these games will be made available completely free of charge on September 1 to Playstation Plus members. Don’t forget to grab this months offerings before it’s too late.

Which games are you looking forward to getting your hands on? Did you vote for Grow Home in the ‘Vote to Play’ campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

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