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Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted Is Coming to the PC


Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted Is Coming to the PC

Secret Ponchos is getting an expansion this September with exclusive PC content.

The developer of Secret Ponchos, Switchblade Monkeys, has announced that they will be releasing the games first expansion Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted on PC this Sept 29.

According to the developer on SteamSecret Ponchos: Most Wanted will feature “over twice the amount of content of the original,” including more characters, maps, and modes. There will be 2 new maps and five new characters. Four of these new characters are called The Wolf, Warmonger, Gunman and Mad Trapper and according to Most Wanted‘s press release, three of these characters will be exclusive to the PC version.


Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted will also include a new single-player arcade mode as well as new achievements and a new rewards system. It will also include the ability to fill empty slots in “lower-level Domination and Deathmatch Modes” with bot characters to fill out the lobbies quicker.

Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted will be released for the PC on Sept 29 and it will cost $15. After its release on Steam, Most Wanted’s content will be added to the PS4 version in a future update.

Are you excited to hear that Secret Ponchos is getting an expansion? Let us know in the comments below.

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