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Scalebound Could Be Amazing with These 5 Features


Scalebound Could Be Amazing with These 5 Features

Dragons, bruh.

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Silly, Lighthearted Story


This is a bit of an odd request, given the pedigree of the people who work at Platinum. The trailer for Scalebound didn’t seem to indicate we were going to be getting this touching tale of a boy and his dragon exploring the world and learning a touching tale of friendship. If anything, the protagonist’s cocky grin and tricked out scale armor has made it clear that dumb, silly fun is plan over at Platinum. But you know what? That’s a good thing.

Not every game has to go for the heartstrings like The Last of Us or make us think about abstract concepts like alternate realities and destiny the way Bioshock Infinite did. Platinum is a lot like Volition in that generally the sillier things are, the more fun a time players will have. Whatever you say about their games, they definitely have their moments you remember. Remember fighting a senator in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Nanomachines, son!

Scalebound should just embrace its own silliness and go all out. Make the big monsters really big, have the one liners be corny as hell that you can’t help but laugh at how dumb they are. That five headed dragon thing at the end of the trailer? Do that, but go bigger. Pacific Rim this bitch. Video games are still about dumb fun, and that’s gotta be the motto over at Platinum, aside from “kill stuff and look cool doing it.”

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