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Rumor – Destiny: The Taken King Arc Edge Sword May Be A New Heavy Weapon Option


Rumor – Destiny: The Taken King Arc Edge Sword May Be A New Heavy Weapon Option

Unguard! Touche!

Since the second that guardians experienced the Sword of Crota mission, many were hopeful that Destiny would include the option for a close-ranged sword weapon, similar to the popular sword from Bungie’s Halo series. However by the end of Destiny’s Vault of Glass raid, there was no sword in sight.

Then, when Destiny:The Dark Below released, there was hope once again when we experienced the joy of swords again both in the final phase of the Crota’s End raid and from the Blades of Crota that were scattered throughout PVE. But once again, there was no equippable sword weapon for guardians. And there wasn’t even a tease of new sword content in Destiny: House of Wolves.

aBut now that we are on the verge of Destiny: The Taken King, we finally have reason to believe once again. In the Destiny: The Taken King Twitch reveal, there was an inconspicuous guardian with what definitely appears to be a sword on his back. Gamespot even goes so far as to report this as a confirmed new heavy weapon.

There have also been screenshots of Deej’s vault going around on Facebook which seems to include a thumbnail of the sword in question as well as a description of the sword which reveals its name to be the Arc Edge. We can also see a perk showing that the sword is effective in guarding against void and solar attacks but less effective against arc attacks.

Destiny The Taken King Sword Rumor

Since Bungie hasn’t made any official statements about the sword, this news is still a rumor. It’s hard to argue with visual evidence but at the same time, we’ll wait to hear more details about this addition before we confirm. There is less than a month left before Destiny: The Taken King releases. If there really is going to be an equippable sword, you can bet it won’t be too long before Bungie reveals more information about it.

What do you think about an equippable sword in Destiny: The Taken King? Is it everything you’ve been waiting for since fighting the hive princes on the moon? Think swords are lame? Or something else entirely? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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