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Free-To-Play Fighting Game Rising Thunder Enters Open Alpha


Free-To-Play Fighting Game Rising Thunder Enters Open Alpha

Giant robots punching each other, for free!

Free-to-play fighting game Rising Thunder recently ran a limited access alpha test. Now that the network connectivity is stable, anyone can sign up and play the game’s alpha on their official website.

Rising Thunder is a collaboration between former Capcom employee Seth Killian and co-founders of the Evolution Championship Series, Tom and Tony Cannon. Tony Cannon is also the creator of GGPO, a netcode solution developed to minimize lag for online arcade and fighting games.

Rising Thunder contains an updated version of GGPO, considered to be one of the best ways to minimize lag for fighting games. It also features a simplified control scheme where every attack, special attack, and throw only requires a single button press. This makes the game more accessible for new players and solves the issue of fighting games being notoriously difficult to play with a keyboard.

What are your thoughts on Rising Thunder so far? Let us know in the comments.

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