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Co-Creator of Rick and Morty Creating Original VR Games with Valve’s HTC Vive


Co-Creator of Rick and Morty Creating Original VR Games with Valve’s HTC Vive

Roy: A Life Well Lived not announced yet.

Co-creator of the wildly popular Adult Swim show of Rick and Morty revealed his development with virtual reality late Saturday night. A tweet by Justin Roiland confirmed his involvement with the HTC Vive, a VR creation by Valve and HTC. Roiland exhaustively and excitedly divulged vague plans to create game for the Vive platform.

In addition, several followers and wayward twitter users flooded in with questions. Roiland answered a few of the questions noting the intention is to bring original IPs to the Vive, meaning new games. Adapting Rick and Morty to VR, of course, came in as a question, and Roiland responded well. Roiland hopes to bring the duo’s insane universe to VR.

And all this maybe culminates to one developer. It appears that Roiland plans to use those ideas at StressLevelZero where they are developing Hover Junkies. In this tweet, it shows Roiland drawing his characters using Tilt Brush, a virtual reality tool.

Rick and Morty is no stranger to video games. This season featured an arcade VR game about living life as a mundane human living life to the end; another episode had Rick openly break the fourth wall and plead for free stuff from Nintendo. Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland haven’t been shy about their game fandom on multiple occasions either: from casually mentioning Prototype 2 as “F***ing great” after getting fired to random hangouts with podcasters playing Super Smash Bros.

What aspect of the Rick and Morty world would you want in a VR game?

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