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Concept Art to The Creative Assembly’s Cancelled Resident Evil 7, Django Unchained, and a Marvel Game Surface


Concept Art to The Creative Assembly’s Cancelled Resident Evil 7, Django Unchained, and a Marvel Game Surface

The Creative Assembly living up to their name here with their interpretation of Resident Evil.

The Creative Assembly wasn’t a name you would associate with survival horror until 2014’s Alien: Isolation launched to much critical acclaim. Now Resident Evil 7 developed by The Creative Assembly doesn’t seem so jarring in 2015. Unfortunately, or fortunately, that possible joint venture between Capcom and Sega (they own The Creative Assembly) ended before it even existed in public consciousness.

Yes, dug up from a Concept Artist at The Creative Assembly, Brad Wright, concept art for The Creative Assembly’s cancelled Resident Evil 7 appears on the artist’s personal site. Three pictures present the familiar hero of Jill Valentine readying her weapon as well as a mysterious child in white. It was likely the girl in the hospital bed and illuminated among the stark played a key role to the story.

Resident Evil 7 all

Further reading on the post informs the art merely supplemented a Resident Evil 7 pitch. Under the post “Super old cancelled projects 2“, we see concept art to a few untitled games and to out-of-nowhere licensed properties. The bottom of Wright’s post adds some explanation.

“Cleaning up an old hard drive and found some really old work from cancelled projects/pitches (some over 5years i think)

Projects for Marvel titles, Django unchained game pitch, Bourne cancelled game, Resident Evil pitch…and various others.

Again, Django Unchained (based on the Quentin Tarantino film), a stylized Bourne game (highly likely based on the book / film series), and a Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. game were toyed with at the studio. The latter seemed to host the most interest as the concept art flaunts glimpses of Iron Man, The Black Widow and S.H.I.E.L.D. in battle. In what initially looks like a modern Iron Man suit, a twitter commentor contests it as Sentinel-size Hydra bots, a fitting robotic enemy for a game centered on Nick Fury’s organization. 

Marvel game

Of course, there are other canned games with fancy concept art Brad Wright made: one full of color and fantasy and another nestled in a dystopian future; however, they both lack the likeness Jamie Foxx firing  twin six shooters.

Django Unchained

Work put in toward a project that will almost never see the light of day prove to be at least fascinating to hear about. While the cancelled games don’t have any chance at continued development, it’s always pleasant to stick our heads in the clouds and imagine at what would have been. That said, which of the games scrapped would you want to see finalized the most?

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