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German Autoball May Be the Closest We Ever Get to Real-Life Rocket League


German Autoball May Be the Closest We Ever Get to Real-Life Rocket League


It’s been one month since Rocket League joined the PS+ free lineup, bringing the nation the greatest car-soccer craze it’s ever seen. We can’t get enough of the tortuous, zany gameplay, so much so that the title is making its way onto other platforms following unmitigated success.

While plenty of games don the phrase “easy to play, hard to master,” Rocket League manages to be hard to master, hard to play, hard to be even basically proficient at, yet still addictively fun.

Every now and then, through a haze of zealous Rocket League obsession, we can’t help but wonder, what if it was real? And while we’re not going to get turbo boosting, ball exploding, physics decimating car soccer right now, we at least have Autoball.

TV total Autoball is a biennial world championship tournament held in Germany, pitting two representatives from each country in an auto-soccer battle for national pride. When passionate German commentating overlays bumper-mashing action, anything can happen – like a guy wearing a Spongebob backpack storming the field, getting tackled by a referee, and being carried off by security (4:56).

Or JackassesBam Margera representing the US in a national tournament.

And even pseudo-pit crews ripping the bumper off of Ireland’s vehicle (4:50 below).

Note: if you keep digging through Autoball videos like I did, you’ll eventually end up watching German Ice Soccer, an exciting, new take on grass kick hockey.

Keep practicing, and maybe one day you’ll bring home the TV total Autoball cup for your country. Or just keep playing Rocket League, even if it’s probably never going to bring your nation honor.

Rocket League is currently preparing to release a free update and the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack, both coming later this August.

Consider yourself a Rocket League aficionado? Then try your hand at the Failure-Approved Rocket League Drinking Game. Don’t be afraid to brush up on some tips before-hand, and let us know how your Rocket League-ing is going these days.

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