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PlayStation’s Twitter Needs Your Help Playing Until Dawn [Updated]


PlayStation’s Twitter Needs Your Help Playing Until Dawn [Updated]

Twitter to the rescue.

PlayStation’s official Twitter account is playing Until Dawn with fans. Either that, or the whole team is actually stuck in a mine. In any case, they need your help figuring a way out.

The company profile is tweeting out moments from the upcoming horror game and asking fans to tweet out possible escape plans using hashtags. With Until Dawn set to release in but a few hours, midnight of Aug. 25, players are getting an interactive sneak peak at protagonist Emily’s night of terror.

We’ll keep you updated on Emily’s progress, assuming she hasn’t fallen trying to count up hashtag responses.

If you need even more warm-up before the midnight launch, try your hand at the interactive trailer, where you’ll choose who lives and who dies.

You can also get a peek at Until Dawn’s creepy setting and the story’s  “thousands of potential branches” in the official “Aftermath” Gamescom trailer.

Will you be picking up the PlayStation exclusive horror game tonight? Let us know in the comments.


We survived! Check out how Twitter voted in this nifty infographic.

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