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New Taken King Exotics Show an Improved Armory Coming to Destiny


New Taken King Exotics Show an Improved Armory Coming to Destiny

You must adapt to persist, Guardian.

Today Xur, Agent of Nine, took over Bungie’s Destiny Instagram account to show off some cool new exotic gear that will be available in the game’s next expansion, The Taken King. For those of you not in the know, exotic is the highest tier of gear you can get in the game. Sometimes, however, they don’t really feel so special.

After all of the attention focused on the nerfing of certain Year One Destiny weapons, and finding out that some of the really good ones won’t be able to be upgraded in Year Two, many fans were worried about the new arsenal’s outlook. Yes, exotics definitely do have an edge over other gear, but it’s been a while since something truly worthwhile has been made available. In fact, most of the “trouble” exotic weapons that are constantly being nerfed hail from vanilla Destiny.

With The Taken King on the horizon, Bungie needed to get the hype train rolling, as well as get some positivity from the community when it comes to exotics. What better way to do that than to have the tentacled mystery known only as Xur share some seriously impressive images and information.

It all started with what has to be the most interesting looking Titan helmet yet. Empyrean Bellicose runs on ancient technology, and you can see the inner workings through the front visor as they turn. But it was more than just the interesting sight of the exotic that will be made available in Destiny: The Taken King, it was the perks it carried.

The Empyrean Bellicose gives players who equip this helm in Destiny: The Taken King a perk that works exactly like the Warlock’s Angel of Light ability. On top of that, it allows orbs to recharge melee ability after special is fully charged. These may seem like small, inconsequential perks, but they have the potential to change how players use their guardian, and that’s a big deal.

Although, there are already a few armor pieces that offer a similar shift in gameplay. So although the Empyrean Bellicose is really cool looking, Xur would have to show off something a little sweeter in order to generate some real hype.

For the following few hours, Xur used the Destiny instagram to show off even more, alternating between class armors and new weapons. While the armors looked beautiful (just take a look at the Warlock’s new robes), it was the weapons that showed that Bungie has most definitely been listening.

With the recent Weapon Tuning 2.0 receiving quite a bit of fan resistance, as the few exotics that felt powerful were being dialed down, the weapons unveiled today showed an improved arsenal coming to Destiny.

A new shotgun and fusion rifle were the first to be shown off. Two weapons that would feel comfortable in the hands of guardians used to these weapon types, but offering the perks necessary to appeal to others. For instance, The Chaperone (exotic shotgun) promotes speed and accuracy with its high powered slug rounds. Getting a precision kill with this bad boy increases its stats across the board (excluding damage). It looks as if this new Destiny exotic would perform like any other shotgun in the game, but those small additions open up the weapon class to a whole new style of player.

But, even with the impressive showing of those two weapons, and the rest of the armor, nothing could compare to the final treat of the day. Xur grew tired of Instagram, but could not leave until he shared with the world the beauty of the Sleeper Simulant. What you have here is a Heavy Fusion Rifle that performs like no other weapon in the game.

The Sleeper Simulant apparently fires a high-powered laser that bounces off of hard surfaces. From the sounds of it, it may end up being pretty similar to Halo 4‘s Spartan Laser (with the added benefit of bouncing lasers), which is far from a bad thing. It’s a weapon that, from what it seems like at the moment, is not afraid to show immense power.

Not only does the Sleeper Simulant have amazing perks and destruction ability, it is one beautiful weapon to look at (much like all the best Destiny weapons). It’s the full package in terms of what fans have been looking for – a weapon that can replace the few that have been heavily relied on previously.

The new reveals show a good effort from Bungie, and frames The Taken King as an expansion that will deliver content the fans have been vying for. Today was only a small taste of what’s to come, but a taste was exactly what fans needed. Just an inkling that Bungie is on the right path with Destiny: The Taken King and the additions it will bring.

Safe travels guardians.




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