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New Final Fantasy XV Demo Majorly Improves Stiff Combat and Camera Complaints


New Final Fantasy XV Demo Majorly Improves Stiff Combat and Camera Complaints

A pretty game just got more beautiful.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae was released back with the launch of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in March of this year. Although many were worried about just how it would play after the Final Fantasy XIII series, the action based combat was well-received. But, it was not without its issues.

Two major problems with the initial release of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae involved the camera and the rather stiff nature of the combat. Fans were quick to share their displeasure, and Square Enix took all of the complaints to heart. The studio decided to go back in and make some adjustments to bring the game closer to their vision, as well as make the game a much more enjoyable experience.

The first major change that’s instantly noticeable was the camera. The camera still had a bit of a floaty feel to it (just as it had during the first release), but it is now much more conveniently placed during activities. Not once was I lost during my hands-on time here at PAX. On the off-chance that an opponent managed to flee from my immediate sight, there were zero issues getting them right back into focus.


The combat is probably the biggest and most necessary change. When Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae was first released out into the wild, Noctis had some visually impressive abilities, but the actual act of engaging in battle didn’t match the look. Yeah, our protagonist was able to warp across the field and his combos looked nice, but pulling them off seriously lacked that fun factor.

This is no longer the case with the updated edition of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae. Dashing around the battlefield, parrying, dodging, and going in for the offensive felt smooth and fluid. Setting opponents up for major combos before warping to a high point and coming back in with a super impressive tactical ability (Dragoon Jump is amazing), felt just as awesomely badass as it looked.

It’s sort of amazing how only two changes helped to change the entire feel of the demo in a great way. It shows that Final Fantasy XV is shaping up to be something that puts fans at the forefront of development. In a time where it’s exceedingly easy to disregard complaints of what is often considered a “vocal minority,” it was a pleasant feeling to play the result of Square Enix giving grievances their due diligence.

Final Fantasy XV looks beautiful, and it now plays beautifully. Here’s to hoping that Square Enix keeps up the pattern and pays attention to their fans as they continue to build one of the most highly anticipated RPGs in a long time.

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