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Multiple Lord of the Rings Online Worlds Are Being Closed Forever


Multiple Lord of the Rings Online Worlds Are Being Closed Forever

Turbine Inc are going to kill off 19 servers. Are you ready?

After surviving in the MMO market for nearly 10 years, the developers of Lord of the Rings Turbine. Inc have announced that they will be shutting down all but 10 of the game’s worlds on Jan 1. In total, 19 worlds in both the US and the European servers will be shut down and the last 10 worlds are split equally between the two regions.

Starting with the US servers, the last five worlds that will remain will be Arkenstone, Crickhollow, Landroval, Gladden, and Brandywine. Meanwhile, the only EU servers that will be left are Belegaer, Gwaihir, Sirannon, Laurelin, and Evernight.

On the game’s blog, Turbine. Inc revealed that players will be able to transfer their characters over to one of the new worlds for free, as characters in all these worlds will be saved. All of these characters will first be transferred to a test world called Bullroarer before they can be transferred to one of the 9 worlds, except Brandywine. Brandywine will remain closed to transfers until the “server is moved to newer hardware and performance improvements are confirmed.”


Turbine also revealed that transfers from the closing worlds will always be free and that transfers in general will be free till Oct 1. All players in the worlds that are closing will get a free gift box as a thank you gift and as a way to remember to closing world. The gift box will be called the Free Peoples’ gift box and it will include a Title Picker Box “Of <World> with choice of any of the 29 worlds,” a hooded and hoodless variant of a cloak, and a housing banner decoration. Monster characters will receive the same gift box with a monster version of the Title Picker Box, called the “Bane of <World>” and a choice of any of the 29 worlds.

Lord of the Rings Online was first released back in 2007 and since its release, the game has received five expansion packs. The last one was released in 2013 and was called Helm’s Deep.

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