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Meet the Game’s Actors at the First Ever Payday Convention


Meet the Game’s Actors at the First Ever Payday Convention

Bring your finest clown mask.

First person heist game Payday 2 has grown a large fanbase since releasing in 2013 thanks to consistent updates and the recent PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports. Overkill Software are gathering their fans and the game’s actors for PAYDAYCON in Seattle, the first ever Payday convention.

Payday 2 is well known for its live-action web series and trailers that flesh out the game’s story. At PAYDAYCON, the actors for the Payday characters Chains, Dallas, and Vlad will appear for panels and meetings with fans. Starbreeze developers will also be in attendance for panels and challenging fans to games of Payday 2.

There are plenty of free giveaways at the convention, but there will also be a cosplay contest for those who prefer to earn their prizes. Judges will give “best heister” and “best crafted mask” prizes to those who can most convincingly portray a hardened criminal.

PAYDAYCON takes place at the Baltic Room in Seattle on Aug. 28. Entry is free but spaces are limited, so make sure to RSVP on the convention’s Facebook page before space runs out.

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