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Mafia III’s First Gameplay Video Revealed


Mafia III’s First Gameplay Video Revealed

Gangsters in action.

Mafia III was revealed at Gamescom earlier this week and we were treated to an awesome cinematic trailer that set up the game. Of course, what gamers like even more than a cinematic trailer is a gameplay trailer, luckily we’ve got one of Mafia III in action.

A video of Mafia III gameplay has surfaced online and although the voice over is in German, you can still get a good look at the game itself. The graphics look absolutely superb but it’s always best to take that with a pinch of salt since developers have been known to downgrade/optimize games upon release, depending on your stance.

The video shows off high speed car chases and chaotic gun fights which is just your average weekend when you’re in the Mafia.

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