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Let’s Break Down Madden NFL 16’s Most Notable New Features


Let’s Break Down Madden NFL 16’s Most Notable New Features

It’s (now) in the game.

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The New Draft Champions Mode

Featured at EA’s E3 presser this year, Madden NFL 16’s new Draft Champions Mode wants to emulate the excitement of yearly fantasy football drafts, emphasizing the drama and deliberation that goes into each pick.

How exactly does EA Sports manage to pull this off in Madden? The experience will at first be solitary. Drafts will be randomized each time you start one up.  You’ll be given a basic barebones team to start, but then will have 15 rounds to enhance your team by getting a choice of three players across varying positions. Round to round, the positions and quality of players will differ. Because it’s randomized in this way, no two drafts will be the same.

After completing your draft, you can take your team into a tournament either against the AI or head to head against human opponents. New modes in Madden are usually perfected in their second or third year, but Draft Champions Mode definitely has some promise.

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