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Learn How to Speedrun Life with Real Life Done Quick’s Hilarious Tips


Learn How to Speedrun Life with Real Life Done Quick’s Hilarious Tips

Because there just aren’t enough frames in a day.

Perhaps you’ve heard of speedrunning, the act of playing through a video game as fast as possible. Speedrunners are masters of optimization, and twice a year they gather at the Games Done Quick marathon to put their skills on display for charity. In fact, SGDQ raised over $1M for Doctors Without Borders just last month.

But did you know you can speedrun life, as well? By utilizing popular speedrun tactics such as clipping, frame saving, and cutscene skipping, you too can become a graceful master of time and speed.

“How?” you’re asking, as you sit there in an unoptimized slump. Simply check out Real Life Done Quick, a new twitter account dedicated to providing round-the-clock life speedrunning tips.

Real Life Done Quick explains how everyday activities like driving, sleeping, and being born can all be improved to cut precious seconds off a run. Beware: these tips are for fun and some of them are definitely illegal.

There’s plenty more to learn at Real Life Done Quick‘s full twitter page, with more expert tricks posted every day. Take a look whenever life’s RNG gets a little overwhelming, or when there just doesn’t seem to be enough frames in a day.

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