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League of Legends: Mordekaiser Can Now Steal the Dragon’s Soul


League of Legends: Mordekaiser Can Now Steal the Dragon’s Soul

Mordekeiser is now OP!

Recently, the League of Legends community has been buzzing with discussion about the Patch 5.16 changes that went into effect this week. The word of the day was “Juggernauts.”

While many of the changes such as the buffs to Darius, Garen, Skaren, and Mordekeiser were to be expected if you’ve been paying close attention to the past patch notes, there is one astonishing update that seems to have come out of nowhere. Mordekeiser has a new ability to control undead dragons with the force of his will.

Hidden within the lengthy patch notes was this precious gem of information that many players have yet to notice:

R – Children of the Grave

Mordekaiser can steal the Dragon’s soul. That’s not a typo.

GHOST STATS20/50/100 attack damage ⇒ 10/25/50 attack damage

NEWDRAGON FORCE Dealing damage to the Dragon curses it. If Mordekaiser’s team slays it, the Dragon’s soul is enslaved and follows him around. This removes any champion ghosts Mordekaiser has active.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON While commanding the Dragonforce, Mordekaiser cannot cast Children of the Grave.


The only way to prevent Mordekaiser from performing this overpowered ability is to slay the dragon before Mordekaiser’s team. Remember, typically a League of Legends match consists of 5 players against 5 players. Mordekaiser’s undead Dragon adds a 6th element, giving that team a bit of an advantage.

So if you see Mordekaiser on the other team, remember to act fast. Otherwise Mordkeiser’s undead pet Dragon will breathe fire and lay siege to your towers.

Only time will tell what Patch 5.16 means for League of Legends as a whole. For all we know, this ability may even get nerfed within the next few months for being too OP. But for now, we can be sure to see a lot more Mordekaiser’s showing up on the battlefield, likely playing a support role but even possibly as a jungler.

What do you think about these Mordekaiser changes coming to League of Legends in Patch 5.16? Is this exactly what Mordekaiser’s been lacking all along? WIll this new ability make him too overpowered and deserving of nerfs? Be sure to let us know how you feel in the comments.

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