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LawBreakers Official Gameplay Trailer Released


LawBreakers Official Gameplay Trailer Released

Will you break the law, or enforce it?

In case you haven’t heard, LawBreakers is the first game to be released by former Gears of War developer Cliff Bleszinski and his new video game development studio Boss Key Productions. LawBreakers is a post-apocalyptic shooter where players side with either the lawbreakers or the law enforces in fast paced shootouts.

We recently reported the news that an official announcement trailer had been released for the game and now an official gameplay trailer has also been released. The gameplay trailer shows off the different types of characters and classes you can play as. There’s Kitsune the assassin who is very fast and agile, Breacher the gunner who has a jetpack and assault rifle, Maverick who is a skirmisher who can seemingly fly and wields a Gatling gun, and Cronos the titan who uses his strength and size to dominate the battle.

An official release date for LawBreakers has yet to be confirmed but the game is set to be released sometime in 2016. Will you play as the lawbreakers or the law enforcers?

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