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Check out the Latest Batch of Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC


Check out the Latest Batch of Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC

Let the hunt commence!

Capcom has just released the latest batch of free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Brace yourself hunters, because this pack features the last episodic quest.

The final episodic quest is called ‘Lay of the Land,’ and the client of this quest is the chief of Jumbo Village, who you may remember from Monster Hunter 2. The three quests contained within are called ‘A Spreading Scourge’ where you hunt Remobra, ‘Mist Amid The Ruins’ which will see you hunting a Chameleos, and finally ‘Total Eclipse’. ‘Total Eclipse’ will see you hunting a White Fatalis and this quest also happens to be the only way for hunters to take on this elusive Elder Dragon. Completing the final episodic quest will also allow you to make the Glass Royal Hunting Horn and the Pride of Heart Hammer.

Besides the last episodic quests, the August free DLC also includes some additional quests as well. These include ‘Ruby Of My Eye’ which will see you hunting a Ruby Basarios in the Arena, as well as hunting both a Gypceros as well as a Stygian Zinogre in the quest ‘A Song of Extremes.’ There’s also ‘Foreboding Lightning,’ which features a Rajang and ‘The Brave Warrior,’ which will see you hunting a Giant Seltas.

In total the free August DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate includes:

10 New quests;
4 New Challenge Quests;
1 Bonus Palico: Purple Pal;
1 Guild Card background;
7 Guild Card titles;

As always. you can also download the previous months DLC and there will be another batch of free DLC next month.

So what’s your opinion of this months free batch of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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