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Konami Sounds Like the Worst Place to Work At Right Now


Konami Sounds Like the Worst Place to Work At Right Now

What. Is. Going. On?!

It goes without saying that gaming publisher Konami, famous for the Metal Gear and Silent Hill franchises, is going through some weird stuff right now. They’ve let go of Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and basically nuked everything remotely associated with him and his name, while also planning on shifting to a focus on mobile games (and also some console stuff if they have the time). But if you thought that was bad, imagine how it apparently must be working there. From the sound of this Kotaku report, it can’t be good.

From the sound of things, you wouldn’t even think Konami was a game publisher so much as a prison. Developers are supposedly cut off from the internet, kept under surveillance, and shamed if they spend too much time at lunch. No, seriously. Current and former staff are now providing even more information, which somehow sounds even worse. There’s apparently an official division called the “Internal Audit Office” (think secret police), that checks on internal communication like email, closed circuit cameras, and monitors who enters and leave the company. One ex-employee said the IAO went so far as to call the new company they left Konami to go work for and say that their new hire was terrible.

Another team of Konami employees called the Monitoring Group will just in a room filled with monitors and just watch the CCTV footage, with cameras in all the rooms, corridors, and data centers. The IAO uses this information for employee monitoring. If an employee wants to use the wifi, they have to go the IT department to get an internet VPN. To take a laptop home, they have to do that as well, and one former employee said that screenshots are randomly taken of employee’s computers. Yeesh.

To make matters worse, Konami employees have to show their ID when leaving the building and tell the security guard where they’re going, even if it’s to get food down the street or have a smoke break. When it’s during normal business hours, this info is logged and compiled into a list, and whoever leaves too often is reprimanded. Staff both former and current also say that Konami’s operating officers have a meeting every Monday that’s taped and broadcast on an internal website that all employees have to watch. And they track that. Whoever doesn’t gets their name and division announced throughout the company. That’s just…wow.

Let us what you think of all this in the comments below. And ask yourselves: what the hell is going on over at Konami?

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