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Just Cause 3 ‘Burn It’ Trailer Released at Gamescom


Just Cause 3 ‘Burn It’ Trailer Released at Gamescom

Just ‘cos it’s a just cause.

Gamescom is in full swing and loads of great games are being shown off. Just Cause 3 has had a new trailer released at the event and it looks like all the crazy anarchy and destruction from the first two games has been turned up to eleven.

The trailer, called ‘Burn It’, shows off plenty of gameplay footage as Rico fights to protect a town that is being burned by the evil regime that currently controls the nation with an iron fist.

Players once again play as Rico as he uses his grappling hook to instantly become airborne and get the edge over his enemies. His parachute is back and he’s got a seriously heavy arsenal to take on his foes with. A new addition to Just Cause 3 is the wingsuit, which players can use to glide through the air and cover great distances.

Just Cause 3 is due to be released on December 1st for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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