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JJ Abrams and Valve’s Team Fortress 2 Game Mode Goes Into Beta


JJ Abrams and Valve’s Team Fortress 2 Game Mode Goes Into Beta

Lens flare coming in the next update.

Back in 2013, JJ Abrams and Valve took to DICE and announced Abrams’ studio Bad Robot would be collaborating on game and film products. You could reasonably think this would mean possibly a Half-Life or Portal film, or at the very least, some cute little references between the two. Instead, it’s a brand new game mode for Team Fortress 2 added with the most recent update. Well, the beta at least.

“PASS Time” is described as basically TF2’s version of football. Both teams fight against each other over the “jack”, a ball-shaped bomb and throw it into the enemy’s goal. Whoever carries the jack can’t use their weapons and gets a number of powerful benefits like faster movement speed, health regeneration, and being able to see the location of defending enemy players through walls. You know, the skills anyone holding the ball during football has! They can also pass the ball to their teammates in range, and whoever reaches the default school of 3 wins the round.


Currently, the only Team Fortress 2 map to support this mode is “Warehouse”. It’s a brand new map, specifically for PASS Time because of the mode’s dependency on thin, tight maps, and lack of flanking routes. Maps for PASS Time also have vertical and horizontal style jump pads and speed boost power-ups. Rumors have said that players can see Oceanic Flight 815 in the sky every five minutes, but no footage has been recorded of this.

Let us know what you think of the new Team Fortress map and mode in the comments below. What were you expecting from Abrams and Valve?


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