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Hitman Gamescom Screenshots Reveal the Many Sides of the Agent 47


Hitman Gamescom Screenshots Reveal the Many Sides of the Agent 47

Back, front, profile…

Legendary stealth assassin series of Hitman gets new screenshots for, you guessed it, Hitman. The piecemeal, episodic adventure of the bald and the beautiful will take you on the standard Hitman affair of sandbox gameplay (a la Hitman: Blood Money) with the new-gen graphical prowess. IO Interactive and Square Enix publishes four screenshots of what appears to be the same dimly lit mission on a fancy and heavily guarded estate.

hitman_gamescom 1

Here we see 47 look menacingly calm carrying a high-powered rifle he calls “Bertha.”

hitman_gamescom 2

Here we see 47 eavesdropping on vital guard information such as “Did you see the game last night?”, “is my bald spot showing?”, and “I should walk alone around the corner.”

hitman_gamescom 3

And lastly, here we see Hitman paying for his heinous crimes against humanity and society, or it’s some guy 47 tossed off the roof. Either way, there’s a nice backdrop of the city.

The “Don’t call it a reboot” Hitman lands softly on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC December 8th as the final, retail version collects every episode in one package in 2016.

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