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Go Play Splatoon’s New Rainmaker Mode Right Now


Go Play Splatoon’s New Rainmaker Mode Right Now

Squids and kids, get ready to MAKE IT RAIN.

Nintendo recently posted on their official Splatoon tumblr about a new play mode coming to the game soon called Rainmaker. This isn’t “coming this holiday season” soon, or even “play it next month” soon. No, Rainmaker Mode is playable in Splatoon as of today, meaning you can fire up your Wii U right now and get in on the action. But what kind of action does this new mode entail, exactly?

Rainmaker is the latest Ranked Battle option (which means it can only be accessed once your kid/squid has reached level 10), joining current playlists Splat Zones and Tower Control. In it you take part in a capture-the-flag sort of battle, only there are no flags. Instead there is a single item – called the Rainmaker – in the center of the level that both teams must fight to control. The Rainmaker is a not only a flag stand-in which must be carried to the opposing team’s base for points, but also a powerful weapon to he or she who carries it.

At the beginning of each round the Rainmaker is enclosed by protective shield so powerful that both teams must work together to break it down to make the prize attainable. All bets are off once that shield comes down, however, as pure havoc breaks loose with opposing teams standing right beside each other. The Rainmaker is also quite hefty, so you are unable to jump while holding it. Successfully reaching the enemy’s base and planting the Rainmaker will result in a win, but if time runs out before either team scores, the side that brought the Rainmaker closest to the opposition’s base takes the round.

Finally, much like you can use the flags in Halo to melee oncoming aggressors, also can you fire the Rainmaker at your foes, shooting off an extra-powerful shot similar to the Inkzooka. So break the shield, grab the Rainmaker, take it to the enemy base, and celebrate sweet victory.

Nintendo promised plenty of free, fresh content for Splatoon in the months following its launch, and they certainly haven’t disappointed. From new weapons to new stages to entirely new game modes like this one, the updates just keep coming.

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