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Gamescom 2015’s Excellence Gave E3 Some Competition


Gamescom 2015’s Excellence Gave E3 Some Competition

Gamescom is done playing second fiddle.

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Gameplay Gameplay Gameplay!


Presenters come to Gamescom with one thing in mind; to wow fans in every way imaginable. E3 has a similar premise, but looking at both conventions 2015 efforts you will notice one major difference. Gamescom didn’t just bring the big blockbuster games, they showed them. And this my friends makes all the difference in the world.

E3 2015 brought many exciting announcements. Sony’s presser had nostalgia by the boatload, EA showed one of their best lineups yet, Microsoft came with major announcement one after another, and more companies kept filling news feeds with excitement. This sounds great, but a lot of these announcements came with little more than a CGI trailer. Hints at what could be, but not enough solid information of what is.

Gamescom 2015, on the other hand, let each game speak for itself. Intense dogfights in Star Wars: Battlefrontstunning first-person parkour in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst , and time bending action in Quantum Break stole the spotlight along with every other game that took to the stage during Gamescom’s briefings. They showed exactly why you will want to play, not some vague notion of why you could want to play. That’s definitely a win-win for devs and gamers alike.

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