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GameFly Expands Game Streaming to Samsung Smart TVs


GameFly Expands Game Streaming to Samsung Smart TVs

What could be smarter than playing games on your huge TV?

GameFly Streaming set high expectations when it launched in June, promoting itself as the “Netflix of games”. One thing Netflix has that GameFly Streaming didn’t was widespread accessibility over many devices.

The streaming service is expanding this week. Formerly only available on Amazon Fire TV, now Samsung Smart TVs can stream games from the GameFly library.

There are several countries without access to Amazon Fire TV, so this opens up the service to more people worldwide. GameFly’s website lists the countries that currently support their game streaming service, which adds new games monthly.

Game streaming technology is becoming more prominent with services like GameFly Streaming and PlayStation Now. If these services continue to add more games and global access, they could be an innovative solution for backwards compatibility.

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