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Game of War Developer Arrested for Stealing Trade Secrets


Game of War Developer Arrested for Stealing Trade Secrets

What would Upton think?

It seems like adverts for the mobile game Game of War: Fire Age were everywhere earlier this year. The adverts, featuring Kate Upton, where played all over the television, during the trailers at the cinema, on other mobile games, and even during the Super Bowl.

It has been announced that a former developer who worked for Machine Zone, the studio behind Game of War, has been arrested for “stealing trade secrets”. Jing Zeng, 42, has apparently downloaded data concerning user behavior on the game and was planning to use this data as a bargaining tool for a severance agreement when he was fired. Zeng then decided to go into hiding overseas but was arrested at the airport by the FBI.

According to the charges, the data stolen could “provide valuable insight and a huge competitive advantage over other online game providers and competitors”. If Zeng is found guilty, he could face jail time as well as a $250,000 fine.

[Source: PixelDynamo]

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