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Freedom Planet Wii U Suffers Yet More Delays


Freedom Planet Wii U Suffers Yet More Delays

Hope you weren’t looking forward to playing Freedom Planet this week.

Last week, we reported that GalaxyTrails was delaying Freedom Planet’s release on the Wii U to tomorrow because of a console freezing bug. Well, here’s hoping you’re used to delays by now, because on the game’s forums, staff member Steve DiDuro has once again announced that the Wii U version of Freedom Planet has been delayed.

DiDuro explained that the reason why Freedom Planet was being delayed was because they haven’t fixed the console freezing bug:

We received some sad news today: Our patch for the Wii U version of Freedom Planet didn’t fix all of the freezing issues. In light of this, we are cancelling our launch for the time being. We’re only going to announce a release date after the game is fixed and free of all issues not present in the PC version.”

DiDuro went on to apologize to Wii U gamers who were looking forward to playing Freedom Planet, but he explained that he didn’t want to release “anything less than a 100% faithful and clean port, regardless of how long it takes.”

DiDuro ended the post by saying that they will keep Wii U users up to date with any sales and bundles for the  PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Freedom Planet. He also added that in the next month, GalaxyTrail will be making several “extra” announcements including one related to a new planned DLC character.

Are you disappointed to hear that Galaxy Trails has delayed Freedom Planet yet again? Let us know in the comments below.

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