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Final Fantasy XV is Getting a Simultaneous Worldwide Release


Final Fantasy XV is Getting a Simultaneous Worldwide Release

You won’t need to import Final Fantasy XV afterall.

The director of Final Fantasy XV Hajime Tabata has revealed in an interview with Gamespot that Final Fantasy XV will be the first mainline Final Fantasy game to get a simultaneous worldwide release.

While Gamespot hasn’t released the full transcript of the interview with Tabata yet, they did post the following part of the interview:

“This may be something that we are little bit embarrassed to talk about, but really, this is the first time that we’ve done a packaged, standalone Final Fantasy game with a simultaneous global launch, so we didn’t have the setup to deal with that, really. The first thing we had to do was rearrange our internal structure to create something that could do that. That was the first important work on the project.”

This is great news for Final Fantasy fans who want to get the game once it comes out, as they no longer need to worry about having to import it. The last mainline Final Fantasy game, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy actually took three months to be released outside Japan on Feb 2014, and Square Enix still has yet to release it for the PC.

Final Fantasy XV is due to come out for the Xbox One and PC sometime in 2016 and Gamespot is due to release the full transcript of the interview later this week.

So are you excited to hear that Final Fantasy XV is getting a simultaneous worldwide release? Let us know in the comments below.

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