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New Screenshots Don’t Show Life in (Areas of) Final Fantasy XV


New Screenshots Don’t Show Life in (Areas of) Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix reminds us that Final Fantasy XV lets you roam if you want to and roam around the world.

The long-awaited Final Fantasy XV may not see the release light of day until 2016 or later, but Square Enix gives us a few more looks at what will be with new screenshots. First up above, we have the city of Restalm within the region of Duscae, a populated area with architecture inspired by Havana and other cities in Cuba. A seemingly peaceful place out in the open full of civilians, yet as the E3 2013 trailer showed us, cities aren’t safe from demonic beasts roaming the streets.

In Final Fantasy XV, the world echoes of a modern-day Earth with lands divided up in multiple nations all under the continent named “The Continent.” Here we see the infamous car and gang out on the road ready to explore the lush, open worlds of The Continent; however, despite disallowing driving in the demo packed into Final Fantasy Type-0, the final version will allow driving the black convertible across the grind-heavy grasslands.

Last, we see the bleakest and grimmest area yet in Final Fantasy XV. The underground dungeon of Ido features our leather-donning, sunglasses-wearing gang dress appropriately in the dark and damp. Square Enix adds that Ido is free from humanity: “For a long time, this dungeon has seen no traces of human activity,” Something here gives the impression there’s a reason why we’ll see a strong disproportion to the human-monster ratio.

Looking for more Final Fantasy XV coverage? Square Enix did commission a trailer during Gamescom last week, and it provided some great context of the world you’ll assume next year. Here’s a comprehensive look at the ‘Dawn’ trailer and what it tells us of the game formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Final Fantasy XV is set to launch on the Xbox One and PlayStation on an unspecified time in 2016.

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