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Final Fantasy VII Remake Game Director Discusses Sky High Expectations


Final Fantasy VII Remake Game Director Discusses Sky High Expectations

Timing was the main element in its announcement.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Game Director Tetsuya Nomura explains in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK details concerning Final Fantasy VIIs announcement and expectations.

He begins by sharing that Square Enix saw E3 2015 as the perfect timing to announce Final Fantasy VII Remake, as they already had several titles already announced and planned for the PS4.

Nomura continued to talk about the high expectations set by the players and how they are doing their best to reach those expectations and not let anyone down since the game’s “gravity” is huge. He also mentioned that there were several discussions in the office regarding this remake and whether they should continue to make it or just cut it off.

Actually, the discussion of doing the Remake has been a long one. Even internally it came up and it went away, and it was kind of an up-and-down ongoing discussion that was going on. So now that we’ve finally announced it, I’m just looking forward to getting through with it. The gravity of this game… it’s just such a large title. Not only the expectations, but the production of it too. [I’m looking forward to] finishing it as quickly as I can, getting the final product out and delivering it to the fans.

Nomura commented on the collaboration between him, Mr. Kitase and Mr Nojima as it was the best opportunity for them to start developing the game.

There are more and more titles being announced by Square Enix on PlayStation 4, so we figured [announcing] it now would be a good boost to our portfolio. And in terms of why it was time to start production: you may have seen three names come up in the trailer: Mr Kitase, Mr Nojima and myself . The availability of these three key members finally aligned, and we were able to see a window in which we can start production with these creators, so it made it possible for us to move forward with the project.

Final Fantasy VII Remake still hasn’t a release date set but expect to be on PS4 first.

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